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How to send us samples

If you see any disease in your paddock, we would love to take a look at it on a molecular level.

If you suspect it to be yellow spot – please go directly to our Stop the Spot website and please follow the instructions there.

If you suspect fungicide resistance, get in touch directly with Alexandra Kay from the Fungicide Resistance Group for a sampling kit: 08 9266 1204,

If you suspect…

  • SNB on wheat
  • Sclerotinia Stem Rot on canola
  • Net Blotch on barley
  • Powdery Mildew on barley or
  • Ascochyta Blight on pulses

… please contact the CCDM at for a sampling kit – we will send a postage paid envelope to place the sample into. Powdery mildew sampling is a little more complex, so please watch this video for a demonstration:

Thank you for helping us reduce the economic impact of crop disease and the sustainable use of fungicdes!