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Fungicide Resistance Group

What we do

The Fungicide Resistance Group conducts high impact research on fungicide resistance, studying crop disease from right across Australia. Our research works towards understanding how fungi are able to develop fungicide resistance and how management of diseases in the field can be improved to reduce losses associated with fungicide resistance.

Why we do it

Many growers will experience a disappointing result with a fungicide spray at some stage. Spraying the crop again with a different fungicide may control the disease or it may make the resistance problem worse, especially if the second fungicide application is the same MOA or even, the same active.

Understanding how fungicide resistance occurs will enable us to minimise the impact and delay the worst effects. We’re building a profound knowledge of the molecular mechanisms by which fungi becomes resistant to fungicides, as we believe this  is key to developing new, more efficient and, most importantly, cheaper ways to control and mitigate the build-up of fungicide resistant populations in the field.

Recent outcomes

  1. Application of digital PCR to successfully detect and quantify known resistance mutations associated with resistance in wheat and barley powdery mildew. Read more.
  2. Application of LAMP (Loop mediated Amplification) technology to develop a portable device which can detect the presence of fungal pathogens quickly whilst out in the field. Read more.

2016 Sampling Report now available
In 2016, the Fungicide Resistance Group collected 179 samples. What did they find? Check out their latest report here.

Your samples help us diagnose fungicide resistance

Suspect fungicide resistance on your paddock? Contact the Fungicide Resistance Group for a sampling kit and follow these guides:

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